TechAviv Founders Club

The premier global network of top Israeli startup founders.

Founders helping founders.

Since 2007

The TechAviv Founders Club (TFC) is a non-profit, invite-only global network of top Israeli startup founders and investors that are committed to helping each other and our next generation succeed.  Learn more.

We meet in 6 global branches and use the TFC app to harness our collective energy, knowledge, and networks. Together we're building better companies, by bettering each other. 

To qualify for membership you must be invited by an existing member and either a) be an Israeli founder of a technology company with at least $1M in funding or revenue or b) a senior VC partner or full-time angel that has backed an Israeli founder in the past 12 months. Membership and everything we do is free.

To request an invitation, apply here

If you're an Israeli founder that doesn't qualify for membership please join our mailing-list to be invited to our events. The broader Israeli startup community connects on our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

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